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Beach fishing is very popular on Hayling Island, and a great spot is literally in front of Southern Bell, between Groynes 20 & 21!


There are a couple of bait and tackle shops on the Island:


  • Mick's Fishing Tackle sells tackle, fresh and frozen bait and is located just 10 mins walk away at Eastoke Corner.

  • There is also a smaller bait shop on Creek Road (about five mins walk – it’s the next road on the left down Southwood Road past Southern Bell).


Saltwater fly fishing is also a growing area of the sport on the island, mainly for seabass.


Fishing boat charters are available locally from several of the marinas.


Fishing is one of Clive’s passions, so please give him a call, text or email if you’ve any questions and he’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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